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Revenue Generation Strategies « Performance Resource Group

Revenue Generation Strategies

PRG has a proven strategy for revenue generation that includes the following 3 disciplines:

  • Customer Attraction
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention

Customer Attraction strategies are designed for having potential customers become aware that your company exists.  This is the most expensive type of marketing with the toughest measurable return.  The focus is Company Awareness, through advertising – traditional (Print, TV, Radio, etc.), or electronic (Web, social networks, e-mail, etc.).

Customer Acquisition strategies focus on getting customers to do business with your company. The focus is New Sales. This is the second most expensive form of marketing. However it does have much greater ability to measure results through your own sales force, distribution channels, or partner channels.

Customer Retention strategies attempt to get customers to do business with your company over and over again. The focus is on Continuity of Customer. This is the cheapest form of marketing and has the greatest opportunity for long term profitability due to the more significant cost of attraction and acquisition.

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