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Customer Service Training « Performance Resource Group

Customer Service Training

Studies show that the most efficient and cost effective way to grow revenue is to keep current customers. Unfortunately many times existing customers are overlooked, or (even worse) taken for granted, at the same time the sales force is out “hunting” for new business.  Unfortunately, in many instances the people responsible for providing service to customers have not been given tools, training or skills to provide quality service.

Successful companies place tremendous value in their existing customer base and will protect and nurture it with fervor.  We are reminded that, “Our best customers are our Competitors’ best Prospects.”

Based on the importance of customer retention in any successful revenue model, PRG has developed a methodology that first examines the Customer Service Process and highlight the associated strengths and weaknesses.  In most cases we are granted permission to interview our client’s customers.  Without exception, we find a disconnect between what a company believes they are offering, and what customers believe they are receiving.  Once problems are identified, a tailored program is developed concentrating on:  Communication both internal and external, Behavioral Styles, Responsiveness, Business and Communication Etiquette which has advanced around such tools as e-mail, voice-mail, SMS text and Twitter.  Our observation has been that until a company adopts a “Customer Service Culture,” its cost of growth will be significantly higher than that of its competitors.

Results: What our clients say