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Assess your sales staff

One of the first things any good doctor will ask is, “tell me where it hurts.” Knowing where a problem exists is half the battle of solving it.

Of all the tools PRG offers to business owners to improve sales, perhaps none is more helpful than our computer-driven assessment tools. With our assessment tools, you can know the true condition of your sales team.

We learn:

  • Are your sales people motivated to excellence?
  • Are they simply going through the motions?
  • Are they overwhelmed?
  • Have they lost focus?
  • Are they intimidated by their customers?
  • Do they know how to close the deal?
  • Do they set and reach realistic goals?
  • And many more factors relating to their sales success.

PRG’s powerful assessment tools can give you the answers.

We can also predict – with surprising accuracy – how well your new applicant will perform on your sales team. Our assessments can predict a prospect’s

  • competence
  • temperament
  • future sales success

We can tell you how likely it is that they will succeed in sales, whether they will have lateness issues, or excessive absences. Lost opportunities, lower morale, decreased sales, even litigation can come from hiring a problem employee. In today’s climate, it can be reckless to not thoroughly investigate an applicant before hiring. So let us guide you away from problems before they occur.Our main assessment partners are

TTI Performance Systems

SPQ Gold Testing

ORION Pre-Employment Assessment System

Executive Sales Audit

Sales Process Survey

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