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Financial Selling and Justification « Performance Resource Group

Financial Selling and Justification


To provide (students, participants, salespeople) with the skills, language and confidence to effectively develop and present financial justification models to their customers.


It is quite extraordinary the difficulties many sales people have with financial understanding and representation of their products and services in dealing with their customers.  Unfortunately, this has created a propensity to “drop prices” first, without ever truly understanding the financial benefits their customers can receive by doing business with them. It is ironic that those same salespeople have the ability to calculate their expected commissions down to the last penny. That said, it is clear that salespeople struggle with Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow analysis, Return on Investment, Gross Margins, Budgeting, Net Income, EBITDA, etc., and an effective understanding of these financial terms can reduce the impulse to drop prices.  In this Full Day class, students will be taught these basic financial fundamentals in the context of the sales profession.

Expected Outcome:

Upon completion, the Student will be motivated and prepared to implement goal setting techniques, with the result of ultimate success in business and life.


Student must have completed the Discovery Selling FasTrack course.

Next step:

Contact us for enrollment dates and tuition.

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