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Discovery Selling® Mastery Courses « Performance Resource Group

Discovery Selling® Mastery Courses


To provide Students with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to dramatically improve their sales performance.


PRG’s Sales Mastery Course is an in depth, 12-month series of courses designed to provide Students with the knowledge and skills to indeed master the art of professional sales. The Sales Mastery Course covers all topics and tools discussed in PRG’s two-day Discovery Selling® Course, but in much greater detail. Through reinforcement and coaching over the term of a year, Students will be able to significantly enhance their communication, negotiation, and closing skills. After completing Sales Mastery, Students should see great improvement in their sales results.

The individual Sales Mastery Courses include:

Session 1: “Goal Setting”

Session 2: “Ground Rules”

Session 3: “Discovery a Customer’s P.A.I.N./G.A.I.N.”

Session 4:”Investment and Decision Process”

Session 5: “Developing Personal Presence”

Session 6: “Attitude and Motivation”

Session 7: “Vision of Solution and Buying Phases”

Session 8: “Managing the Complex Sale”

Session 9: “Reaching Mutual Agreement”

Session 10: “Effective Questioning and Listening Skills”

Session 11: “The Discovery Selling® Qualification Hierarchy”

Session 12: “How a Lawyer Asks the Right Questions and Listens to Get the Right Answer”

Session 13: “Prospecting and Discovery Olympics”

Session 14: “Selling at the ‘C’ Level”

Session 15: “Financial Selling and Justification”

Session 16: “Pocket MBA for the Sales Professional”

Session 17:  “Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.”

Session 18:  “Difference Makers!!”

Expected Outcome:

Upon completion of the Sales Mastery Course, Students will have the ability to indeed become a master sales professional.

Results: What our clients say