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How a Lawyer Asks the Right Questions and Listens to Get the Right Answers « Performance Resource Group

How a Lawyer Asks the Right Questions and Listens to Get the Right Answers


To teach Students the essential importance of asking penetrating and thoughtful questions while listening intently to customers’ answers, with the goal of enhancing customer communication.


This half-day course is a supplement to the effective questioning course. Taught by PRG’s resident attorney, Students will understand how vitally important it is to be able to ask intelligent questions with purpose and to listen intently for answers. In this course, Students will learn how to disarm customers’ objections, uncover ulterior motives and discover workable solutions for customers, all by asking the right questions and listening for the right answers.

Expected Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, Students will have greater knowledge and ability regarding their most important communication skill – the ability to ask penetrating questions and to listen with purpose.


Student must have completed the Discovery Selling FasTrack course.

Next step:

Contact us for enrollment dates and tuition.

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