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Selling at the “C” Level « Performance Resource Group

Selling at the “C” Level


To provide (students, participants, salespeople) with the skills, language and confidence to effectively understand  and influence, Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s), Chief Operating Officers (COO’s), Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s)  and Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) in the sales process.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Senior Management, i.e. “C” Level executives are getting more actively involved in many of the decisions that are made within their company, especially if a significant dollar or people investment is required.  Unfortunately, many sales people get “weak in the knees” and nervous if they need to call on a CEO, COO or CFO.  Salespeople are asked to “call at the top of an organization” but are NOT given the tools to do so.  A salesperson many times simply does not know what to do or say when meeting with Senior management of a prospective customer.   This half day course is designed to first understand the motivators of each “C” level client.  Second, to provide the process of preparation that is demanded before  a salesperson ever enters the executive suite.  Third, to appropriately match the needs of the “C” Level with their company’s offerings and finally, to do so with confidence.

Expected Outcome:

Upon completion, the Student will  understand the motivators of the “C” Level of management and will be prepared to speak to and influence those that hold this level of authority.


Student must have completed the Discovery Selling FasTrack course.

Next step:

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