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Some Thoughts on a New Year, New Decade, New Goals and our New Website! « Performance Resource Group

Some Thoughts on a New Year, New Decade, New Goals and our New Website!

Welcome to the new prgsales.com! We have spent a lot of time, effort and thought in constructing our new site and deciding how we could best tell our story to clients and friends. Part of what we wanted to include is a blog post, for us to publish our thoughts and insights. For this first post on our brand new site, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss new things – particularly –new goals. So, welcome, and we hope you will enjoy this post as the first of many!

I love this time of year. It is always so interesting to me. It’s like we as a society all hit the RESET button on our lives. This is the time of year in which we all feel like we need a “do over”. We admit that we aren’t as __________ (thin, successful, wealthy, disciplined, popular, etc.) as we want to be. This is the year when we’ll make a difference. We make our New Years resolutions and set goals to change those habits or things we don’t like about ourselves or our business. And then we start out on our new path to self-improvement.

  • Weight Watcher classes fill up,
  • Exercise clubs sign up a zillion new members,
  • Smokers buy cases of nicorette gum,
  • Some people take up golf, tennis, knitting, or cat juggling,
  • Some start studying a second language they’ve always wanted to speak,
  • Or others sign up for a college course,
  • Some people promise to read the Bible through in a year,
  • Other people vow to get out of debt,
  • And still others volunteer at the church, hospital, school, community center, etc.

Then, sometime in mid February (if not sooner), the new goals and habits become too much of a chore to continue. Soon we forget our new goals, and we revert back to our old habits and old way of doing things. Nothing changes – we eat the same old unhealthy fast food, or we veg out on the couch, we go back to smoking at our same old level, or like before we buy more things on our credit cards than we can afford. In short, we return to an underachieving version of ourselves that we really don’t like or respect (don’t you get just a little ticked off and feel like a goober when some smart alec asks you how your new resolution is coming, and you have to admit that you’ve quit).

If it sounds like I’m anti-goal here, I’m certainly not. In fact, I think setting goals is an extremely important function to be successful in business and life. One of my favorite quotes agrees –

If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

Zig Ziglar

The problem with new goals or new resolutions is not that we set them. The motive behind setting new goals is very commendable – to better oneself. The problem is the way in which we go about reaching new goals, or making changes we want to make. We seem to think that just because we set a goal, we will automatically reach it. Nothing could be further from the truth. So, that begs the question – how can we achieve the goals and new resolutions we set for ourselves. Here are some thoughts I have picked up over the years:

  1. Write it. Write down your specific goal. Make it clear, measureable, and something you can actually attain. Something significant happens in our psyche when we commit a goal to paper.
  2. Plan it. Write down your plan for achieving your goal. This will force you to do some creative thinking. For instance, write down any new things you need to know or do differently to achieve your goal. Include all the obstacles to your success and how you plan to overcome them. Where and when will you be challenged the most? How can you overcome those challenges? Write it all down.
  3. Date it. Write down the actual date that you will achieve your goal. This too is very important. A goal you hope to reach some day will be a goal that you reach no day.
  4. Share it. Tell others about your goal. Tell as many people as you know who will be positive encouragers. Tell your family, tell your friends and your co-workers. Share your plan with them and ask for their support and encouragement. When you’re tempted to return to your old behavior you will have a ready source of cheerleaders to pull you through.
  5. List it. It is very important to list out all the benefits of reaching your goal. Envision yourself enjoying the benefits of you reaching your goal. This time you will actually stick with a goal to the end. How will that make you feel? Maybe you already know them, but writing down your benefits and looking at them daily will help to reinforce your commitment to stick with it.
  6. Commit to it. Perhaps this goes without saying, but to change old habits and patterns of behavior, it will take a great deal of effort. You must commit to putting in the effort to succeed. You’ve listed out your benefits, so you know it will be worth it. Then make a personal commitment – to yourself, to God, to your family, to your boss, or to friends if need be – that you will put in whatever effort is necessary to succeed.

I promise you, that if you follow these steps, you will succeed, you will change, you will achieve your goal, and you will be enjoying the benefits of your new behavior.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, stories or a new goal, please let me know.

Brian Carpenter

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